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Core Capabilities

The spirit of curiosity, new challenges in the marketplace and Avery Dennison's position as a global leader in the materials science industry drive us to develop and expand our core capabilities while introducing new material innovations and solutions for the world's manufacturers, converters and consumers.

Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive Materials

Whether the application is postage stamps or high-performance freight labels, we engage our industry experience and materials science expertise to develop a complete array of standard or specialized pressure-sensitive adhesives that can function with virtually any surface—including metal, glass, plastics and wood.

We create pressure-sensitive materials with numerous facestock and adhesion-permanence options, enabling our customers and converters to choose the appearance, dimensions, performance and functional properties they need.

Our adhesive materials meet a range of specific requirements, from repositionability or antimicrobial properties to moisture resistance and performance through extreme temperatures. This capability allows us to create customized adhesives with unique functions that meet our customer's exact requirements and augment the value of their products.

We have experience in the application of high-speed coatings that increase the functionality, usability and visibility of countless customer products.

This process deposits a thin layer of one or more materials onto a roll with high precision, imparting additional qualities and functions to the roll material. We are able to cost-effectively apply a multitude of materials to the broadest range of substrates at high speeds and with great consistency.

Our core capabilities include roll coating, die coating and curtain coating, but that is only the beginning. Our technical expertise in high-speed coating positions Avery Dennison to meet current and future customer needs in the areas of photovoltaic, medical and security solutions.We have experience in the application of high-speed coatings that increase the functionality, usability and visibility of countless customer products.

High-Speed Coating

Roll-to-Roll Processing

Our suite of precision roll-based manufacturing processes can enhance rolls of paper, plastics or other materials with a broad range of performance functions and features. These processes help improve the effectiveness, performance and overall value of our customers' products.

Our roll-to-roll capabilities include printing, die-cutting, laminating, perforating, splitting, zone coding, embossing or a combination of these, enabling us to add specialized functions to materials. For example, our FlexisTM?Steam Valve is a multi-layered laminate for pre-cooked foods that keeps contents hermetically sealed until heated to a pre-determined temperature.

We work with many precision-based roll processes, as well as a variety of converting transformation steps, whether or not they currently exist. We are also adept with web-based converting products, complex to ultra-complex labels, in-line transformations, and many other applications.

We apply our expertise in chemistries and technologies to develop functional material coatings that enhance the functionality of roll or sheet form papers, plastic films and other materials. Our topcoats and other coatings enhance the value of customer products in numerous ways, from making the film printable and more durable, to adding a silicon release liner.

Our expanding material science capabilities in fields such as nano techonology will enable us to invent and implement the next generation of functional coating materials, including next-generation coatings for photovoltaics, optics, security applications and anti-microbial solutions.

Functional Coatings


Our array of extruded thermoplastic films can add imaginative design to packaging and amplify a product's message to consumers. From clear and flexible labeling materials for squeeze bottles to roll-fed shrink films for contoured containers, extruded films add sophistication to any product.

Whatever the application, we deliver films that meet our customers' unique requirements. Our advanced technology films are used with tapes and airline tags, compliance labels, packaged goods, automotive decoration and much more.

Avery Dennison's RFID solutions have proven to increase inventory accuracy, process and supply-chain efficiencies by enabling companies to track their products from point-of-production to point-of-sale.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is an automatic identification method that stores and remotely retrieves data via a passive inlay and active RFID reader technology.

We provide RFID tagging solutions and inlays that work with industry standard Electronic Product Code (EPC) hardware and software, including data management, printing and encoding capabilities.

Intelligent Labels


Microreplication is a roll-to-roll process that uses heat and pressure to form microstructures on long rolls of polymers of different materials. Avery Dennison utilizes microreplication to mass-produce very precise structures in a variety of polymer films and provide specialty customers, with micron-scale precision, high-density materials at a relatively low cost.

We use our microreplication expertise to create highly engineered optical films that channel light for optimal reflection, as well as optical films that maximize refractive light by sending it in the desired direction.

Digital information may dominate, but print is alive and well around the world. Our manufacturing capabilities accommodate a complete range of printing systems and inks, ranging from UV-cured to solvent and water-based systems. Avery Dennison’s printing and imaging capabilities include offset lithography, flexography, gravure, screen, and digital printing.

Our printing and imaging technologies can be used for a broad spectrum of product needs, including garment care labels, tickets and tags, and postage stamps, and industrial and automotive labels.

Printing & Imaging


Avery Dennison Medical develops new technology in partnership with healthcare market leaders around the world.

We bring more than three decades of expertise in adhesive chemistries, performance characteristics and production technologies focused on pressure-sensitive adhesives for medical applications. Our work aims to meet the current demands and future needs of medical device providers, helping them find ways to improve patient care while keeping costs in check.

Emerging Capabilities

Our years of experience creating a broad spectrum of adhesives and continuous research and development allow us to innovate. These are a few highlights of our developing technological abilities.

ThermaVIP+ Vacuum Insulation Panels

Vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) are the undisputed top-of-the-line insulation solution for temperature controlled packaging. With durable ThermaVIP+, they're now a robust yet competitively-priced option. ThermaVIP+ vacuum insulation panels deliver up to 7 times more effective insulation than standard materials, saving space, increasing payload and reducing shipping volume. Use ThermaVIP+ panels to upgrade your existing cold-chain packaging, or develop with us customized solutions.

VelaTM, our groundbreaking, dynamic advertising system for display windows, is a turnkey platform for digitally transforming windows into eye-catching switch-on, switch-off projections of campaigns, promotional offers, and personal content. VelaTM?HD liquid crystal display technology enables retailers the flexibility to combine traditional merchandising with innovative and narrowly targeted digital advertising, resulting in a more meaningful and personalised experience for shoppers.

Vela?: Making window displays personal

Introducing Janela?

Avery Dennison’s Janela? solution, powered by the EVRYTHNG Smart Products Platform, enables apparel and footwear products to have a unique, serialized label, which then connects to EVRYTHNG’s IoT cloud-based software. That means every Janela? product is ‘born’ digital with the ability to capture real-time data, enhance consumer experiences, and make the manufacturing and selling of products more efficient and intelligent.

Over three years, Avery Dennison will digitize a minimum of 10 billion apparel products for some of the world’s leading brand and retailers, enabling personalized and relevant consumer experiences.

Creative Showcase

We continuously innovate in order to provide smarter solutions to the customers and industries we serve.?Discover our latest creative global packaging trends and technologically advanced customer solutions.

Our global reach, expertise in materials science and the spirit of curiosity allow us to solve real-world problems and provide countless benefits. We do this, in part, by making lighter, thinner, more durable, more conformable and more sustainable materials.

Design, Innovation, Research & Development Centers

At Avery Dennison, we continuously invest in scientific research, product development activities and innovative designs for branding that solve our global customers' diverse challenges.

Hanita Custom Development Center
Kibbutz Hanita, Israel

Our R&D center in Kibbutz Hanita in Israel is an ISO 9001:2008 - and 14001:2004 - accredited facility that offers just the right environment for innovation. We offer complete metallizing, coating, laminating and finishing amenities on site, as well as comprehensive range of equipment for standards and property testing.

I.Lab, the Avery Dennison RFID Innovation Center
Oegstgeest, Netherlands

Driven by technology, the I.Lab is a state-of-the-art experience center in Oegstgeest, Netherlands, that showcases Avery Dennison’s capabilities in RFID and intelligent labeling, offering hands-on experiences, live demonstrations, and customer case studies. The center’s interactive displays exhibit Avery Dennison’s work to transform multiple industries, from retail and apparel to food, with goals to expand intelligent labelling solutions to other areas such as cosmetics, automotive, pharmaceuticals and aviation.

RFID Lab, the Avery Dennison RFID R&D Center

The RFID Lab is home to our North America Research and Development Center, located in Miamisburg, Ohio. Discover how Avery Dennison is leading the world's largest UHF RFID programs around the globe.

Electronics Solutions and Technology Center
Santa Clara, CA

The new facility is designed, equipped and staffed to provide exceptional engineering solutions and services to Avery Dennison’s electronics industry customers.

The 6,000 square foot center houses a collaboration and training area, as well as a lab space where Avery Dennison engineers and scientists can work side-by-side with customers’ engineering teams in three key areas to create application solutions.

Customer Design and Innovation Center
New York, NY

With inspiration around every corner, this creative hub is perfectly situated in the fashion, art, business, and cultural center of the world. Notable designers and brands and cutting-edge labels alike come together to innovate a diversity of packaging and branding solutions for the apparel market.

Customer Design and Innovation Center
Los Angeles, CA

Located in the heart of L.A.’s vibrant Downtown Arts District, this 15,000-square-foot Customer Design and Innovation Center primarily focuses on the fiercely competitive premium denim market, along with the surf and skate specialty markets. With the thriving independent design scene on the West Coast, this CDIC is also the perfect platform for established and emerging labels to collaborate and share inspiration.

Customer Design and Innovation Center
Miamisburg, OH

This Customer Design and Innovation Center is located in Miamisburg, Ohio. It provides a variety of key solution sets, including RFID ticketing, in-plant printing, high-speed labeling, RFID store inventory capabilities, and more.

Customer Design and Innovation Center
Shanghai, China

The Shanghai CDIC was launched in 2014 in response to the substantial growth of the China market. It exhibits RBIS's creative capabilities, as well as technology application in real-life settings. Located in a vibrant urban environment, this center features the latest branding solutions including creative services; external embellishments; sustainable packaging; and the latest RFID innovations and apparel and footwear labeling solutions.

Technical Centers of Excellence

Coating Center

Improvements made at our Coating Center allow us to develop new coating technologies and products of improved quality that fulfill needs in key industries, yet remain competitively priced. We engineer high-performance products by concentrating on material properties such as absorption or permeability, as well as the advanced functions of microreplicated products.

Our Converting and Printing Center focuses considerable effort toward the design and engineering of next-generation roll-based processes for use in laser cutting and digital printing applications. Our expertise in these fields has helped us present rolls with shapes and features that are tailored to our customers' diverse and unique applications.

Technical Centers of Excellence

Converting & Printing Center

Technical Centers of Excellence

Performance Adhesives Center

The Performance Adhesives Center develops adhesive platforms for the creation of new adhesive chemistries and products that offer enhanced functionality and sustainability to our global customers. We engineer differentiated polymer products with a focus on adhesives via collaboration with internal and external materials science experts.

Our 15-year history working with electronic material technologies enables our Electronic Materials Center to create new materials and processes for printing and curing of conductive inks and epoxies in roll-to-roll operations such as PowerCheckTM and RFID. We also test photovoltaic panels and innovate high-yield flip-chip bonding and high-speed interposers attached to low-temperature substrates, as well as low-cost and high-speed conductive foil laser patterning.

Technical Centers of Excellence

Electronic Materials Center

Technical Centers of Excellence

Advanced Film Center

The Advanced Film Center researches and develops the technologies that will be used with the next-generation film applications. The platforms we develop improve product performance by integrating both internal and external film innovations. These could result from a combination of surface treatments, multi-layer constructions, film polymeric materials, performance additives or other film manufacturing processes.

Named in honor of Avery Dennison’s fourth chief executive officer, Philip M. Neal. The Neal Solution Center is located in Kunshan, China. It primarily serves the Asia-Pacific and China markets.

Regional Customer Solution Center

Philip M. Neal Solution Center

Regional Customer Solution Center

H. Russell Smith Solution Center

Named in honor of Avery Dennison’s second chief executive officer, H. Russell Smith. The Center located in Mentor, Ohio is focused on creating solutions for North and South America.

The Center located in Leiden, The Netherlands focuses on research for unique laminate materials to create solutions for our labeling and packaging materials and graphic solutions customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Regional Customer Solution Center

Leiden Solution Center

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